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"Sticky WCIT: Is this the End of the Internet?"," Stanford Law School, November 27, 2012. Larry moderates a panel discussion on the upcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications, featuring former Ambassador David Gross.

"Larry Downes' Favorite Techdirt Posts of the Week"," Techdirt, November 10, 2012. At the end of a long week, Larry reviews Techdirt posts and muses on the regulatory agenda for 2013.

"AT&T Moves Dramatically Toward 'Internet Everywhere'"," Forbes, November 8, 2012. Announcements from AT&T reflect a dramatic move from legacy copper phone networks to native IP, the final stage of a remarkable network convergence. Larry calls it "Internet Everywhere."

"Keen on...The Election"," TechCrunch, October 29, 2012. Larry speaks with TechCrunch's Andrew Keen about the presidential election and what entrepreneurs wish the candidates were talking about.

"What Does Silicon Valley Want from Government"," KQED California Report, October 22, 2012. Larry speaks with NPR on the upcoming presidential election and its impact on Silicon Valley. Listen to the full story on The California Report.

"The FCC's Unstructured Role in Transactions"," CPI Antitrust Chronicle, October 15, 2012. Larry and Geoffrey A. Manne's paper for the Competition Policy Institute looks at "mission creep" in the FCC's review of mergers and other spectrum transactions. The full paper is available on the Social Sciences Research Network.