Media updates for August

August is usually a quiet month for everything, especially technology policy. But a number of significant developments this summer, including intensive negotiations over Net Neutrality at the FCC and elsewhere, kept Larry busy with media queries and articles. We’ve added a dozen new posts to the Media Page for August alone. The accidents continue to pile up at the dangerous intersection of technology and policy, the theme of The Laws of Disruption.

Larry’s CNET article on the proposed Google-Verizon Framework for Net Neutrality legislation, which highlighted the cynicism of those attacking aspects of the proposal that were identical to features of the FCC’s own proposal last October, was widely reprinted and quoted, including a top-of-the-page run of nearly a day on Techmeme.  An earlier blog post exploring hidden dangers of the FCC’s proposal to “reclassify” broadband Internet was expanded and published as a white paper by The Progress and Freedom Foundation.

Other leading developments include the surprise decision by the U.S. Copyright Office to grant an exemption from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for iPhone users who “jailbreak” their phones and upload unauthorized apps or move to a different network.  See commentary at Techdirt.

Larry moderated two panels at the Privacy Identity and Innovation conference in Seattle, leading to a long blog post on the current state of the privacy debate.

And Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s surprise decision to try enforcing key patents against leading Internet economy companies brought the sorry state of the U.S. patent system back to the front burner.  Larry’s blog on the lawsuit led to two articles over at Techdirt.

Over the summer, Larry continued writing not only for this blog but for the Technology Liberation Front, the Stanford Law School Center for Internet & Society, and for CNET. He also published op-eds in The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Jose Mercury News and public radio’s “Future Tense.”  He appeared on CNET Live’s “Reporter’s Roundtable” to sum up a week’s worth of net neutrality headlines.

Larry was also interviewed and quoted in a wide range of business and mainstream publications, including The Wall Street Journal and Time magazine.