My summer romance: the FCC's wireless competition report

I’m spending the summer curled up with a good book–or more precisely, a good 300 page printout of the FCC’s 15th Annual Mobile Wireless Competition Report. It’s massive collection of data makes compelling reading for the mobile industry geek, and the 100 or so charts and tables make the 3d special effects in “Green Lantern” look like a hand-drawn flip book. (Well, so I guess, since I haven’t seen “Green Lantern” or nearly any other summer blockbuster.)

So far, I’ve written three thumbs-up book reviews, and looking over my notes, I’ve barely scratched the surface. But for now I think I’ll take a break.  Though I’m sure I’ll have more to say before the sequel comes out next year.

Here’s what we’ve got so far, in short, longer, and longest order:

1. San Jose Mercury News (with Geoff Manne): “California PUC Should Approve Merger of AT&T and T-Mobile.”

2.  BNA Daily Report for Executives (with Geoff Manne):  “FCC Mobile Competition Report is One Green Light for AT&T/T-Mobile Deal.”

3., “The iPhone, Android, and the FCC:  Obeying the Prime Directive.