Larry to speak at State of the Net, Cato Institute events in Washington

Larry will be speaking next week at two important events on Capitol Hill.

At the annual State of the Net conference of the Congressional Internet Caucus, Larry will participate in a discussion about challenges to the media industry posed by the move to cloud computing. SOTN runs Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 17 and 18, 2012. The panel, “The Clouding of Entertainment Media: The Challenges of Giving Consumers What They Want When and Where They Want It!”, takes place on Jan 18th at 9:40 A.M.

On Thursday, Larry will speak on controversial proposed copyright legislation, at an event co-sponsored by the Cato Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and TechFreedom. The event, “Unintended Consequences of the Rogue Website Crackdown,” takes place on Thurs, Jan. 19 at noon. Both events are open to the public; registration is required.