2011: The Year in Review for Media

2011 was a busy year for speaking and writing.  In addition to regular contributions for Forbes and CNET, Larry wrote for a variety of publications and was regularly quoted in the press about important developments in innovation, strategy, and the law.  On stories including net neutrality, SOPA and PIPA, and the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, Larry was not only writing but also speaking out in Washington and elsewhere.

The results are now in:

Speaking – Larry completed nearly twenty-five speaking engagements during the year at events around the world.

Writing– Larry published nearly fifty articles and op-eds for publications that included CNET, Forbes, The Hill, The BNA Daily Report for Executives, CPI Antitrust Review, Slate, The Orange County Register, The Wall Street Journal’s All Things D, and the San Jose Mercury News.

He also appeared frequently on TV and radio, including nearly fifteen appearances on NPR and PBS programs both nationally and local.

Larry also published two chapters in the ground-breaking book, “The Next Digital Decade:  Essays on the Future of the Internet, still available from TechFreedom.  (Larry is now Senior Adjunct Fellow with TechFreedom, a technology policy think tank based in Washington.)

Press Interviews– Larry is a regular source for national media on a wide variety of technology topics.  Last year, he was quoted in nearly 200 articles and editorials, for publications including Politico, The National Journal, The National Review, AdWeek, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today, Reason, CIO and Communications Daily.

Check out the Media page for links, quotes, and video clips from 2011, as well as previous years and now 2012.