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Larry will present on "The Impact of the Consolidating Media Landscape" at the National Association of Broadcasters Streaming Summit, Oct. 17th in New York.

Information and registration can be found here.

Larry will be moderating a panel discussion on Internet interconnection and the appropriate role for the Federal Communications Commission in regulating agreements between private networks.

The event, sponsored by the Progressive Policy Institute, is titled "Should the FCC Serve as the Internet's Traffic Cop?" and takes place at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. on May 27th, 2014 from noon until 2 PM.

Ruth Milkman, Chief of Staff for FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, will give opening remarks.

Registration is free.

Larry was the guest last week for "This Week in Law," speaking with hosts Denise Howell and Evan Brown about the week's developments in technology policy and law. As always, a wide-ranging conversation.

Larry will be speaking twice on Sept. 17th, 2013 at the Privacy, Identity and Innovation conference in Seattle, WA.  He is moderating a discussion on privacy implications of Google Glass, and participating in a discussion of "creepiness" in new technologies.  Admission fee and registration is required, but  conference videos will later be available from the PII website.

"US Spectrum Disconnect - AT&T Drops Bid to Acquire T-Mobile USA," Silicon Republic, Dec. 20, 2011. Larry's statement on the collapse of the AT&T/T-Mobile deal is quoted at length in this analysis of the future of U.S. spectrum policy.

"Larry Downes on SOPA," National Review, Nov. 2, 2011. Kind words from National Review's Reihan Salam on Larry's analysis of the Stop Online Piracy Act.